Allergy Awareness


Joint Award with REHIS

This is a half day interactive course can be delivered to learners of all levels.

The course is accessible and the workshop format enables full participation and decision-making by all students.

Those participating will be provided with the skills and knowledge to assess and manage allergy risks in a range of workplaces; Catering - Restaurants and Hotels, Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Prisons and Residential and Home Care.

They will understand their legal obligations to provide the correct information about food on sale, and also to control allergen cross contamination.

Feedback from a wide range of food handlers throughout the UK continues to be very positive, with delegates describing the course as ‘interesting and fun’.

Delivery time: 3 Hours Training

Cost: £40.00 per person

For further information, please contact

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

Tel: 0131 229 2968

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